Bahman Kazemi -1967
PhD in Politics and Government, Lecturer, and Ethnomusicologist

He learnt the principles of Iranian Traditional Music since his childhood. many grate masters helped him to learn the intricacies of  Iranian Traditional music. Two famous of these masters were "Hatam Askari Farahani" and "Sodayf Rambod". Also, two grate poets and literary men, Behzad and Vafa Kermanshahi, taught him Iranian classic literature. in 1991, he was well-known in Iranian Traditional Music and performed many concerts and composed some traditional songs called "Tasnif".
In 1997, he begins some research on folk music among Iranian different ethnics. in order to complete his research and improve his knowledge, he did some researches in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan. From 2007 to 2010, he lived in Malaysia and did some other researches on Chinese and Hindi ceremonies, dance and music. Today, his collection of Iranian folk music is the most valuable reference including more than 1000 hours documentary of Iranian Ethnic Music and 40.000 pictures that show different types of music among people who are living in different parts of Iran .
Some of his works and backgrounds as follows:
- Publishing a book under title " Kurd Ethnic Music" -2011
- Publishing a book under title " Ilam Music" -2011
- Publishing a book under title "Talesh Ethnic Music" -2011
- Publishing a book under title "Ringlets of the Beloved" Musical Anthropology of Iranian Ethnics -2011
- Publishing a book under title "Call of Honor" -2011
- Introduced as an exemplar of national researcher in IRIB-2003
- Publishing a  book under title "National Identity among Iranian Ethnics' Songs" -2002
- A well-known designer for Introducing Iran as an eight-ethnic country for anthropology studies 1999
- Receiving an award for his article about children rights by UNISEF- 1997
- The member of Music Research Council in IRIB (1997-2002)
- Lecturer in Politics, Methodology and Iranian Ethnics Music in different universities in Tehran (1998-2002)
- Publishing a book under title " An Introduction on Iranian Awaz (Singing)" -1996