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  • fullnameBahman Kazemi
  • age67
  • BirthplaceKermanshah

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Dr. Bahman Kazemi, a prominent researcher of sustainable human development, ethnographer, and musicologist, was born in 1967 in Iran.

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Dr. Bahman Kazemi, a prominent researcher of sustainable human development, ethnographer, and musicologist, was born in 1967 in Iran. Since 1996, he has been engaged in extensive research activities in Iranian ethnic culture and development as an independent researcher, at his own expense and independent of the government and its affiliated cultural organizations. This research has cost him over 20 million dollars personally over thirty years. His research has led to the survey of 4000 villages inside Iran. In the field that he considers to be common cultural geography, he has studied the culture and sustainable development in Iran's neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. In the field of sustainable human development research, he has conducted field research in more than 50 countries which distinguishes him from all sustainable development researchers in the world due to his research activities and spending millions of personal dollars for this type of research. His collection of cultural and musical research within Iran and among different ethnic groups has resulted in more than 1000 hours of video recording and 4000 photos, the most unique video archive in this field. (1)

Kazemi is a researcher with extensive interdisciplinary knowledge, so in the field of ethnomusicology, his books are the source of Iranian universities for music students, and two of his books have been introduced as the most reliable sources on the Harvard University History Research Center website. (2) Kazemi received his Ph.D. in Politics and Government from UPM University in 2010 and is recognized as a leading methodologist. In addition to mastering the basics and major theories in political and human sciences, he has valuable specialized knowledge in the sciences of electronic engineering, medical physics, and music, so he has studied electronics and physiology from the age of 12. His mastery of these interdisciplinary sciences has made him known as the contemporary Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and Da Vinci. Many researchers consider Kazemi's studies and research as a new approach to cultural investigations and the development of anthropology. (3)

He has published 12 books so far, 10 of which are related to the cultural customs and music of different ethnic groups living in Iran, which are in the Persian language (4), 2 other titles written in English include “The Structure of Political power in Iran during the last century” (5) and a book titled "Asininity and insanity(6) published in 2023, which criticizes the development structures in the current world. Currently, he is focusing on two important issues of the contemporary world, namely, the educational system from childhood to university, and modern organizational behavior for modern society and development.

 He has received valuable awards in various fields, from music, cinema, and literature to children's rights, the list of some of which has been listed on the Wikipedia site. (7) 


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